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                             HOUSE OF PRAYER MINISTRY NEWS LETTER

Hello Partners in Christ!

    Glory be to GOD, We pray all is well with you! We pray for you daily for peace, joy in the LORD, and a great year of GOD's blessings. As we look forward to THE NEW YEAR FOR HIS MANY BLESSINGS, we want to thank GOD for you our partners who sacrifically sow your precious seed of prayer and financial suppport into this ministry for souls to be won in preparation for the return of Chris. We desire to see heaven full of GOD's people and hell empty of human souls. That is the vision of this ministry and to teach everyone about the victory already won for us by our LORD and Savior, Jesus Christ. We can have and do what the Bible says and we can, through Christ who strengthens us daily to fulfill our divine destiny on this earth.

       GOD BLESS!    We LOVE YOU!          Evangelists Jerry & JoAnn Young

House Of Prayer Ministry - P.O. BOX 1284 LAKE CHARLES,LA 70602 - PH. 832.726.4999

JoAnn's first book, The Key To Eternity is a guide to living the abundant life in Christ. Order your copy today, it is free while supplies last. It is our prayer that this book will be a blessing to you. Send $4 for shipping and handling to the ministy address. You can also get in online at Christianbooks.com, amazon.com, barnsandnoble.com

-JoAnn beautifully emphasizes how to live the abundant life that Jesus promises  in John 10:10, in her first book, The Key To Eternity.              


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