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GOD's Promises


"Blessings are on the head of the righteous, but the mouth of the wicked conceals violence." We do not have to seek blessings from GOD, when we seek first Him for who HE is and not for what He can do for us, is when we will see the promised blessings in our lives. Be blessed as you seek GOD with all your heart, mind and soul that's where the reward is "In HIS presence."



Allow your prayer, praise and worship to reach the throne of GOD! We are not ashame to pray, praise and worship our GOD every second of the day, Why? Because HE is worthty of all our PRAISE!!!

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JoAnn's first book, The Key To Eternity is a guide to living the abundant life in Christ. Order your copy today, it is free while supplies last. It is our prayer that this book will be a blessing to you. Send $4 for shipping and handling to the ministy address. You can also get in online at Christianbooks.com, amazon.com, barnsandnoble.com

-JoAnn beautifully emphasizes how to live the abundant life that Jesus promises  in John 10:10, in her first book, The Key To Eternity.              


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