GOD's Promises

Psalms 34:8

"Oh, taste and see that the LORD is good: Blessed is the man who trusts in HIM!" (Many places in scripture, it tells us what will happen when we trust in GOD, Proverbs 16:20, says, He who trusts in the LORD is happy. When we truly trust in HIM, our Savior, JESUS CHRIST, we want for nothing becasue HE is our portion. Christ makes us complete in HIM, where we need nothing because HE makes sure that we have everything we need. That includes, physical things, finances, spiritual growth and knowledge, peace, wisdom. Christ will provide everything you need when you trust in HIM for all things. HE is an awesome GOD!!! That is how HE expresses HIS love for you and I. GOD honors those who honor HIM, by trusting in HIM!



Allow your prayer, praise and worship to reach the throne of GOD! We are not ashame to pray, praise and worship our GOD every second of the day, Why? Because HE is worthty of all our PRAISE!!!

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